We all have items of clothing we know we can't put into a typical washing machine - so what do we do with these?

It's a valid question and the answer may surprise you.

Dry Cleaning, in short, is cleaning without water. It does still use a liquid, but it's a cleaning solvent, not fresh water, to do the heavy lifting (weird tidbit - the Romans used urine - we DON'T do that). This process, as you can imagine, is more delicate with your fabrics.

How much does dry cleaning cost?

At Tide Cleaners we give you a black bag for items you want to process via Dry Cleaning. You'll bring the Black Bag to the truck the same way you bring a bundled Service bag. Like your local cleaners, your account is billed per item.

The Process

Here's the magic - we know which items go through which process (Dry Clean vs Laundered + Press). Here's our rule of thumb - if its cotton, we launder + press. If it's not cotton and it's in your black bag, we process it via the dry-cleaning method.

What About Dress Shirts?

Dress shirts and other items that are typically dropped at a local cleaners are not technically cleaned with the same methods as dry-clean only garments. They are washed in more typical laundry machines and dryers, but instead of being folded, they are ironed, pressed, and returned on a hanger. Like dry-cleaning items, these items go in your black bag and are billed to your account per item.

What About Jeans and Polos?

Great question. Where these items used to be laundered and enjoyed a natural color fading (see 1980's), people now want to preserve the color of these two garment types. While they are made of cotton, we actually will dry clean these items for you. It will cost a touch more than the laundry process, but your color and garment will last longer. If you prefer a machine wash on these, drop them in your Bundled Bag.

Have It Your Way

When it comes to your wardrobe and what you put out there - you may have some particular desires - here are four custom treatments we offer via our SPECIAL TREATMENT form.

  • 1 Creased Pants - Our default method is a flat front, crease along the seam - if you want a crease down the front - middle, check the box and just put the form in your black bag.
  • 2 Starch Change - We launder + press with light starch, if you want a crisper finish or no starch at all - let us know by completing the form and dropping it in your black bag.
  • 3 Spot Treatment - If you have a spot you want to try to remove, check this box and put the form in your black bag. Tell us about the spot, we'll give it some extra love.
  • 4 Replace a Button - If you lose a button on a garment, simply put the button in the bag along with this completed form. We'll sew it back on for you. If you don't have a button, we may be able to provide one, but chances are strong it will not be a perfect match.